Car Keys Locked In The Car, Lost, or Broken?  Do NOT Panic!

Car Keys Locked In The Car, Lost, or Broken?  Do NOT Panic!

You know the scenario.  You are in a rush and run out to your car.  You are either going to work, coming home from work, or need to pick up your kids.  Then you realize you cannot find your car keys or when you turn the lock, the key breaks.  Another devilish scenario is when you realize you have locked your keys IN the car.  These are moments almost everyone alive has lived through and you cannot simply drive to a gas station or wait for a mechanic to somehow fix the problem.  You are late enough already!  Or you could even be at a lake or park, having had a nice day, and now you have no car keys to get home safely, and it is getting dark.

Lost, locked in and broken car keys are some of the most common problems

If you are a woman and feel you have lost the keys, the first thing you do is dump out your handbag as many times the car keys have somehow snaked their way to the bottom of your bag.  If you are a man, you start searching through your pockets in a frenzy.  But no, the keys are nowhere. You may look through the car window and realize you have locked them in. Or the key simply snaps when you go to turn the lock. 

There is no need to panic if you have lost your car keys, locked them in the car, or have broken them.

A mobile locksmith who is experienced should be called immediately.  Only one with 24/7 services and years of experience who is in the area should be called and you can search online by geographic location, or better yet, have the number of a good mobile locksmith with you at all times in your wallet.  This is a safety net for you and prevents the panic that happens when car keys are lost, locked in the car, or broken.  A great mobile locksmith with experience can be there quickly and get you moving quickly again.

Car keys that are lost, locked in, or broken, can be replaced without an original car key

Most individuals mistakenly believe that an original key must exist to make a duplicate key.  This is not true.  A quality locksmith with the training needed can make new car keys by hand.  A blank form that they have is used along with a file to shape a new key to fit your car.  It does take skill though, so the best locksmith should be chosen, and of course, around-the-clock, and seven-day-a-week service is needed as losing car keys generally happens at the worst times! 

Some time will be spent shaping and filing a new key

But if you pick a great locksmith then the process is simpler and more quickly than you would expect.  Remember, we live in hectic times, and this is a common occurrence, so prepare by having a locksmith near you with contact information readily at hand if you can.  It will assist in alleviating panic and stress over lost, locked-in, or broken car keys.